140 Km Desert Run in Solitary to Celebrate UAE’s National Day

Running 140 Km non-stop in the desert? In solitary? Is it even possible? Evidently so, as Nico de Corato, CEO and founder of the DubaiBlog Network is about to attempt a 140 Km Solo Run in Dubai to celebrate UAE’s National Day.

Running in the desert presents formidable challenges and involves meticulous preparation. Nico is an ultra-runner in the desert and is not new to these feats. In fact, he already ran a 100 km solo race in 2015.

You can hear some of his insights to an amazing and life changing experience on his YouTube video – in Italian – or read all about it by following photos and videos on Instagram #UltraRunDubai.

During this run, many of Nico’s followers will be cheering him on as he embarks in this grueling challenge at a time when the United Arab Emirates is undergoing celebrations for its National Day, a truly special day for all UAE residents.

  • December 2 is the date that commemorates the rich heritage, civilization and perseverance of the United Arab Emirates to progress in all areas of development.
  • December 2 celebrates the memory of the day when in 1971, the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwayn – obtained independence from Great Britain and established a political union called the United Arab Emirates United, after a meeting in what is now called the Union House, just below the Union Flag, in the Jumeirah area.

Nico’s own mindset and attitude has a lot to do with him accomplishing nearly impossible things he has set himself up to do, like attempting such a long run in the desert. He’s no stranger to competitions and believes in the need “to stay fit, not only to get good results but to challenge our bodies in different situations,” as mentioned in the OutdoorUAE magazine article Wind of Change…Mindful Running!

Starting December 1st at 12.00 from Bab Al Shams resort, in the area of Al Qudra, Nico will begin his run that will have him pass by some of the most iconic places in Dubai. His endeavor will come alive thanks to the sponsors (including Red Bull and Nikon), the logistical help of RTA and Dubai Police and the support of Dubai Sports Council.

The run will show that Dubai is much more than just shopping center and incredible building but, above all, a place rich in culture and tradition.

After running Dubai Marathons and participating in desert competitions, Nico’s solo challenge on a 140 km ultra-run inspired him to train harder. Much effort, time and hard work is necessary to prepare for this event. Preparation is key, as he prepares to face a wide variety of terrains whatever the weather (during the winter months has a mild, dry warm climate) to go the maximum distance.

“An ultra-marathon begins when you decide to carry out such a task, believing you can make it by carefully following a training program and a relating diet which enables the successful completion of such an initiative, with the identification of a technical and support staff that follows you starting from the preparatory stages,” Nico said. “In fact, an ultra-marathon of over 100 km does not end at the finish line but in ensuring that it is intact on arrival and in the following days,” he adds. He goes on to say: “When preparing for such a sport, no details are to be left out. It is also essential to listen to the suggestions of those who have already participated in races on such scale and the technicians who have followed them, the doctors and paramedics who have faced emergencies during these events.”

140 Km Desert Run in Solitary to Celebrate UAE’s National Day

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