A Career in Dentistry

Dentistry Career Options – A Family Run Dental Clinic based in Abu Dhabi is looking to recruit an endodontist and an orthodontist.

Job Vacancies:

  • Male Endodontist (Ref# 31022)

He will be experienced in his practice to operate on patients’ teeth with dental diseases and disorders; must have the knowledge to use various dental tools to cure these type of problems in attempt to save the sufferers’ teeth. These specialists will perform root canal operations too. A particular part of their job will execute therapy, surgery and dental trauma.

  • Female Orthodontist (Ref #31023)

She will specialize in straightening teeth to improve tooth alignment and bite by applying braces and retainers on patients.

Qualification: Degree from a recognized university

Experience: 7-10 years’ experience practicing as an endodontist; 5-7 years’ experience practicing as an orthodontist

Familiarity: All forms of dental technology

Skills: Must have a high skill level in endodontic/orthodontic diagnosis, evaluation, analysis and treatment

Languages: English & Arabic Speakers preferred, although not essential

Employment Type: Full-time

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Expected Start Date: Immediate

Monthly Salary: 35000 to 45000 UAE Dirhams; benefits and profits to be determined with management

Job Post Date: September 2, 2015


Here is an opportunity to make a career choice to pursue a job in dental treatment working at a clinic where the objective is to make people feel better and comfortable to smile again. If that is not a good enough reason to apply, then, how about earning a fantastic, tax-Free Salary in a progressive environment.

Discover these two new job opportunities at ManpowerGroup; its Client, a well-established Family Run Dental Clinic looks to hire Western Educated individuals from one of the following countries:

– USA;

– UK and Ireland;

– New Zealand;

– Australia;

– South Africa

Applicants must be licensed health professionals able to practice in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, or must pass an examination and obtain a license to practice there. A POSITIVE DATAFLOW report from DHA is required for applying for the HAAD license.

The job opportunities is presented by the ManpowerGroup, which is looking for talent for major employers in the UAE and maintains an industry-leading network with available positions. Many companies are connected to them to find the right candidates quickly and effectively. As a recruiting partner, they provide employers with the right talents, while helping registered individuals build their careers.

Manpower Middle East (Employment Placement Agencies/Recruiting)’s experts have expertise in staffing, recruitment, assessment and workforce. To know of other jobs available in the region, visit the ManpowerGroup (UAE site) at http://www.manpowergroup.ae/job-search.aspx.

A Career in Dentistry

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