Abu Dhabi and Dubai: two amazing well-off and powerful cities in the UAE

Abu Dhabi and Dubai:  two amazing well-off and powerful cities in the UAE

Abu Dhabi and Dubai the two big cities belonging to the United Arab Emirates, hold great significance and importance in the UAE. They are both very rich and powerful cities with high standard of living but there are some differences that distinguish one from the  other.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE, and holds more political significance. It is the richest city in the UAE and has the higher net income level growth rate, since it owns 95% of the UAE’s oil production.

Abu Dhabi city is smaller in size; therefore you do not need to be concerned about the location of your flat or home to reach the office on time. Rents are lower than those in Dubai although they have already started to increase recently.

Abu Dhabi is on an island connected to the main land by three bridges. The city centre is on Abu Dhabi island, surrounded by a number of smaller islands, many of which are being developed by luxury resorts, shopping malls and real estate companies.  Many important activities are carried out outside the city centre, therefore you need to go to the main land.

Abu Dhabi has beautiful parks, wider roads with high buildings,  tree lined streets and a quiet fantastic sea promenade.

Over the last decade the city has concentrated on developing its tourism, education, financial and cultural sectors to diversify its economy.

The attractions in Abu Dhabi are the Emirates Palace, Ferrari World, Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Grand Mosque.

Dubai has evolved from a small town, supported by pearl diving and trade, to a metropolis filled with manmade landscapes such as  the artificial islands shaped like a palm tree.

This city is more busy and crowded, with higher living expenses compared to those in Abu Dhabi.  Both   cities have over-crowded traffic hours and traffic jams, and a growing number of accidents is occurring on the roads.

Dubai is business heart of many national and international companies, therefore it is considered the commercial capital of the UAE. Dubai has always been a major entrepot in the Gulf and it remains the commercial centre of the UAE.

Dubai is well established in terms of overseas investment interests and the property market, but Abu Dhabi is getting more appeal than Dubai in terms of long-term investment plans.

Dubai boasts an astonishing nightlife with lots of bars nightclubs, whereas Abu Dhabi is more restrained with amazing parks and tree lined boulevards and is more quite than Dubai.

The main attractions in Dubai are: Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and lots of huge shopping centers.

Younger and single people prefer more Dubai since they like a bustling nightlife that a big city can offers meanwhile who has a family or just prefers a more peaceful life, Abu Dhabi can be the best place to live.

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