Abu Dhabi ART HUB: Celebrating Native American Art Month

Contemporary Native American Art is coming to Abu Dhabi! It’s Native American Art Month at Abu Dhabi Art Hub, an event possible through the full support of the US Embassy of Abu Dhabi.

The Art Hub has been offering a series of month-long residency programs that provide space and opportunities for artists to showcase their culture and artistic endeavors. The focus of the program is on exchanging ideas, developing new work and, at the same time, provide exposure to different traditions and experiences.

By serving as a cross-cultural and global site of exchange welcoming artists from different countries to showcase their artwork, Art Hub is contributing greatly to Abu Dhabi’s vibrant art scene and is promoting dialogue in this diverse, international community.

This month celebrates the strength and diversity of Native American Art. The exhibition will open on 29 April 2017 at 7:00PM and everybody is invited on Saturday to view the Art Collection to “shed more light on the exceptionally vibrant contemporary art scene of Native Americans.”

This month’s Art Hub’s Art by Country (www.adah.ae/art-by-country) residency program features five artists who are completing their successful 30-day long residency program: Monte Yellow Bird, Ben Pease, Emma Robbins, Marla Allison, and Mario “Votan” Henriquez. They will be showcasing the artwork created during the residency, work that was inspired by the landscape and culture of United Arab Emirates seen through the eyes of Native Americans. Most art will incorporate Native American heritage and will show how it is truly an important part of its culture. In addition to exploring the theme of indigenous identity, the artwork display will be able to give visitors also a viewpoint on Native American history and hopefully spark curiosity about the culture.

The Native American Showcase will be revealing artistic traditions of artifacts in tune with their heritage and their family history. For instance, the Native American Pottery, which is curated by Aurela Cuku, will be part of the exhibition.

It’s always a great enrichment opportunity to learn the history and traditions through the exchange of culture, stories and artwork. In the United States, every year, November is Native American Heritage Month, a tribute to numerous tribal nations whose culture and contributions enrich society. This week Art Hub Musaffah will give everyone in Abu Dhabi the chance to learn about Native American Art and witness the merging of two cultures through original works of art.

Abu Dhabi ART HUB: Celebrating Native American Art Month

Abu Dhabi ART HUB: Celebrating Native American Art Month

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