Abu Dhabi Corniche Park Earns the Green Flag Award

Last October, Corniche Park has been named ‘Best Public Park’ in the world, based on views and reviews of the public’s services, facilities, and serene environment as well as the public health, safety and security standards which are in place. The Park won the coveted international award after the review of a poll of more than 100 spaces across 12 countries conducted by the UK-based Green Flag Organization.

Abu Dhabi Corniche Park was one of just three worldwide (Provinciaal Groendomein Rivierenhof in Belgium and Tim Smythe Park in Ireland are the others) to receive the award, said Carl McClean, international development manager for the Green Flag Award.

In acquiring the Green Flag Award, nominated parks had to be in line with the applicable standards provided for in the Code of the Award which include visitor’s reception, health facility, public hygiene & maintenance, sustainability, conservation of nature & tradition, social interaction, marketing and management, as told the Emirates News Agency, WAM.

Corniche Park won for its beautiful paths, but also thanks to its safe crossings, fine landscape and recreational areas. Indeed, parts of the Corniche have significantly improved in late times.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) was thrilled for the achievement and now proudly displays the Green Flag at the Corniche Beach Park.

Saif Badr Al Qubaisi, General Manager of the ADM, explains that obtaining the Green Flag symbol is a clear testament of the community members’ achievements in the management of parks and the green areas. The awarding of the Green Flag is of great importance and must be viewed as a benchmark for other parks.

The eight-kilometer stretch of land that makes up the Abu Dhabi Corniche is a place with cycle paths, fountains, parks (Heritage Park, Formal Park, Lake Park, Family Park), recreational areas; the amenities and facilities are used by residents from all parts of the city.

Direct investment in Corniche Parks of Dh8.5 million was spent to refurbish and upgrade the areas where additional efforts as part of a new master plan is geared towards improving bicycle mobility for cyclers, accessing the waterfront for beachgoers, and includes showcasing the city’s cultural, historic and scenic resources for tourists. The undertaking is part of the Abu Dhabi Corniche Project that includes several recreational, service and commercial facilities with places to go and activities to participate in throughout the city.

Abu Dhabi is not short of ‘Green Flag’ parks; in fact, back in 2015, Three Abu Dhabi Parks Earned Green Flag Status: Khalifa Park, Dalma Park and Al Rahba Park.

The Abu Dhabi waterfront popularly known as the Corniche, and all its parks, is a prime setting in the UAE and a perfect location for the entire family to visit and enjoy.

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