Abu Dhabi–Dubai in 10 minutes! Discover how and when!

Abu Dhabi – Dubai in 10 minutes! Discover how and when!
Hyperloop the bullet train may soon arrive in the UAE. The journey from Abu Dhabi to Dubai may take just 10-15 minutes, instead of a two-hour drive without traffic.

With potential speeds of 1200kph, and the backing of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, one of the world’s pre-eminent engineering brains, the idea could be a possibility.

UAE as a potential destination for the first fully operational ‘hyperloop’ passenger transport system. The technology, which is expected to begin track testing in 2016, is a relatively simple concept.

Sealed concrete or steel pipes, installed either above or below ground, are pumped permanently to remove air and, thus, resistance to the trains, while electric motors create a strong magnetic field that allows carriages to coast in a frictionless environment.

Two American enterprises are competing to implement this new technology,both Hyperloop Technologies and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies have recently presented their plan to implement the bullet train in the UAE.

If the project is accepted the hyperloop will be implemented within the year 2020 in the UAE.

The UAE was one of a number of locations being looked at, but that it did have a trump card in as much as the journey between the two emirates is largely flat, straight and uncluttered.

Hyperloop was first discussed in 2013 when Musk, who is most widely known as the man who created PayPal, published a 57-page document outlining his hopes for harnessing the technology for widespread use.

The projected top speed is twice the current record set by Japan’s ‘maglev’ passenger train last year. The hyperloop train is completely managed by a computer, there is no human factor, which is the most common cause of accidents and it can be considered a safe means of transportation.

According to the design manager the hyperloop passenger will feel the acceleration thrust, like a very fast powerful car, but no sense of motion while travelling.

If the UAE accept the project it will be probably  the first country in the world to have this futuristic technology.


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