Abu Dhabi Quality of Life – Transport, Roads and More

In the pursuit of making Abu Dhabi one of the most livable cities in the world by 2021, a wide array of new urban development projects such as new parks and cycle paths are in the works to improve quality of life and the happiness of the community, says Falah Al Ahbabi, chairman of DPM. In the queue is also the development of three themed parks as well as new ‘pocket’ or ‘verge parks’ and plazas in some of the busiest areas in 2019. Al Ahbabi added: 11 parks would be upgraded in Abu Dhabi city by installing new playgrounds, retail, climbing walls and sports areas; then there’s the plan for 45km of exercise trails, rest pods as well as significant development of the Corniche Beachfront; Al Bateen waterfronts will improve accessibility.

“Furthermore, the DPM is redeveloping many of the city’s most important arterial roads such as Airport road and the Corniche with a comprehensive ‘Street Facelift Program’ that will see improved traffic conditions […]. These programs are designed to also increase walkability in the city and reduce reliance on automobiles,” mentions the DPM website.

Quality of life will also be boosted with new community kiosk that, positioned alongside Abu Dhabi Corniche as well as in public parks, will make snacks and beverages ready available.

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities (DPM) is also commissioning projects that include Maritime Hub (water taxi berths) and a new free mini bus service through the integrated Transport Center, as part of the ‘Hail & Ride’ initiative that have started to take place in Khalifa city, Mussaffah and Al Maqtaa area, is meant to reduce reliance on automobiles by providing seamless mobility and transport solutions.

Another public transport investment in the works consist of a 18km of Metro, 40km of Light Rail Transit lines, and a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) loop. Such a sophisticated public transport system can only be achieved through proper planning and regulation by the Department of Transport (DoT) that serves the community interest by enhancing mobility and delivering safe, secure and environmentally responsible transportation in Abu Dhabi that contributes to the economic growth, quality of life and environmental sustainability of the Emirate.

Looking ahead, let’s not forget the Hyperloop capsule – set to become the fastest mode of transport in the world (sometimes reaching 760 mph per hour) once it is in full operation – that will be traveling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This pod design will be made of aluminum and carbon fiber and will resemble a bus; it will carry people or cargo through a tube. The Hyperloop One transport link will cut travel time between Abu Dhabi and Dubai to as little as 12 minutes. This high-speed passenger capsule (set to be ready by 2020) will revolutionize UAE travel and certainly has the potential to change the future of modern, safe, comfortable transportation. Investing in reliable and efficient public transport, Hyperloop One (a multi-billion project) would mean decreased traffic congestion and reduced air pollution, which also will impact positively the quality of life.

One might say the visionary leaders of these Emirates now understand the need of a world class public transport infrastructure to support their vibrant communities where the demand for transportation also rises; this is certainly making people think twice about their travel choices!

No question, sustainable urban transport in the UAE is on the rise. Under the banner of “Transforming Our Abu Dhabi”, these projects are designed to support the ambitious goal set by leadership of making the UAE capital of the most livable cities in the world by 2021.

Abu Dhabi Quality of Life - Transport, Roads and More

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