Abu Dhabi World Road Congress – Exploring the Future of Transport

If there is one international event you need to attend in 2019, it ought to be the Abu Dhabi WRC (coming 6 – 10 OCTOBER, 2019) — it is one of the most prestigious transport events where attendees have a unique opportunity to discuss issues relevant to the challenges facing roads and disseminating updated knowledge about them.

Since 1908, the World Road Congress (WRC) has been a defining voice for the road infrastructure and transport industry.

The 26th World Road Congress provides a unique opportunity for road and transportation professionals to share and seek knowledge, ideas and innovations, as well as trends and developments, best practices and experiences in the fields of road, infrastructures and transport in order that all participants go back home with new knowledge able to be implemented at the local and national levels, tells His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) won the bid to host the 2019 World Roads Congress; a five-day event that will enable participants to share and discuss national policy practices and experiences under the theme of ‘Connecting Cultures, Enabling Economies’ that will demonstrate the commitment of the UAE to promote and foster innovation in the surface transport, tunnels, bridges and infrastructure space.

Partakers will look forward to discussing developments in road transport services for the future to pursue important topics (namely Future Transport Network, Artificial Intelligence, Land Use Planning) in line with the World Road Association (PIARC).

“The Congress programme features the presentation of the results of the work undertaken by PIARC’s 22 Committees and Task Forces, as well as a number of specialized sessions and workshops dealing with topics of current and future interest and a large exhibition in which road administrations, equipment and service providers, consultants and road-related organizations will be present,” as told Claude Van Rooten, President of the World Road Association (PIARC).

Make sure to take advantage of this important opportunity!

Register today at aipcrabudhabi2019.org to attend the various presentations, sessions and workshops. There are to be multilateral talks regarding new ideas towards better understanding of road, infrastructure and surface transport works. (Download the WRC Abu Dhabi 2019 brochure to know more details of the event.)

Book your delegate pass NOW to take advantage of the Early Bird Rates! Visit www.piarcabudhabi2019.org or contact WRC2019@AIPCRABUDHABI2019.ORG for more info about the Congress and the registrations.

Note: There’s to be a new edition of the PIARC Prizes competition for the 26th World Road Congress in 2019.

Why attend the 26th World Road Congress? It’s a unique opportunity for the world to witness the nation’s strategic surface transport advancement at the next level. This edition, featured for the first time in the Middle East, provides a state-of-art exhibition area for exhibitors to present their achievements, innovative products and solutions to a global cliental; provides a platform – featuring the World Road Association, its members and the world’s most influential voices in the road and transport sector – to gain high-profile visibility and exposure for organizations as the event gives direct access to existing and potential peers, suppliers or clients from over 140 countries; and provides a unique opportunity to network with experts in the field from across the globe and participants will be able to ensure that you are up to date with the latest trends and innovations.

Transport drives economic and social progress; for this reason, many will benefit from attending this event. What’s new for 2019? “In 2019, Abu Dhabi will feature the best of thought leadership and the best of innovative road solutions with an expected attendance of 7,000 delegates, 300 exhibitors and representation of over 120 nations in one of the most advanced venues in the world – The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.”

Abu Dhabi World Road Congress – Exploring the Future of Transport

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