Abu Dhabi’s rainwater drainage system soon to be upgraded

Abu Dhabi’s rainwater drainage system soon to be upgraded
Further to the severe thunderstorms occurred in Abu Dhabi last March, which caused flooding and a lot of damages to properties, a project to upgrade the capital’s rainwater drainage system will start in the next three months.

Heavy rains, hail and strong winds caused widespread damage, inundating streets with flood water and leading to leaks and collapses in homes in Abu Dhabi, in a storm that left many residents shocked and concerned.

In this occasion municipality workers had to  install 117 tankers, many pumps and generators to remove 95 per cent of the floodwater away from local communities.

According to Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport the project worth 39 million of a total duration of two years would modify the rainwater drainage system to make it more efficient and increase its capacity to prevent floods from happening.

The rainwater drainage project is part of the storm water master plan, which involves the works required for improving the operational conditions of the existing system, and fulfilling the needs of development up to 2030 as the project covers the entire peripheries of Abu Dhabi Island.

The scope of project works covers completing the construction of rainwater drainage networks along with the required pumping stations at various parts of Abu Dhabi, including Mohammed bin Zayed City. Shakhbout City, Baniyas Al Mussaffah and Al Maqtaa.

The project will add to the existing infrastructure in Abu Dhabi city, which comprises 149,707 points for collecting and draining water, 57 pumping stations and 5,182 kilometres of sewage lines.

Following the completion of project works in mainland Abu Dhabi, the project will enhance the efficiency of the network and step up its ability to accommodate rainfall more efficiently.

The municipality is implementing the plan to cope with the sweeping development of Abu Dhabi while taking into consideration sustainable development.

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