Amazon, FBA and UAE

It’s been all over the internet Amazon FBA— so, what’s all the hype about? Well, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a great platform for growing your business and is a great option for entrepreneurs looking to break into e-commerce without many of the logistical nightmares that go with it.

This eCommerce selling platform is essentially turning Amazon into your own personal distribution center. All the business has to do is ship the goods to the distribution center indicated by Amazon. Products will be stored and orders filled directly in these fulfillment centers that will provide the shipping and packing handled by professionals 24/7.

There are other advantages to leveraging FBA, the handling of all refunds and returns whilst providing excellent customer service in the language preferred by the customer. This allows the entrepreneur more time to concentrate on growing his or her brand or business.

Fulfillment by Amazon involves a small charge according to a fee rate structure; the payment includes also getting reports on these FBA fulfillments. Of course, the seller still has responsibilities for the orders and will need to configure an Amazon Fulfilled Network (AFN) products in ShipStation with tags so as to easily identify orders with special needs, or for flagging specific customers.

So what does this have to do with the UAE? Well, Selling on Amazon via FBA allows businesses to operate from anywhere and reach customers throughout the world. So, it makes sense to setup in countries where bureaucracy is at a minimum and where tax advantages are evident. So, if you want to succeed in the eCommerce world, basing a business in the UAE and utilizing the logistical structure of an online retail giant like Amazon seems like a good option.

Many entrepreneurs have already successfully created international e-commerce businesses using the FBA option. Italian businessman Antonio Vida – Vincere Su Amazon (Win on Amazon), an Expert Amazon FBA seller as well as China sourcing agent, business coach and marketer, for example, now also shares in his Webinar (Italian only) the advantages of such as  solution  and how to bring this business model to success.

He describes his experience as a physical products seller in the Amazon market that brings so much simplicity to the processes, but that does require to follow precise steps to avoid errors that would cost dearly.

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If you are well versed in Italian and want to follow the advices of Antonio Vida, you can watch this YouTube video or follow his seminars at

Amazon, FBA and UAE

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