Books and iPads available at La Corniche public library

Thanks to the beachfront public library at La Corniche, Abu Dhabi  residents who love to combine reading with their beach time are crowding the seaside. And who do not want to wet their feet can enjoy a good read as well as the sea view by sitting at the library’s portico.

According to some expatriate this books and beach combination is simply awesome since one can do most of own reading while are sun-soaking at the beach.

A housewife, Bounce said she has been coming to the library with her kids at least three times a week. “My kids love it here. It is a nice way to get them into the habit of reading as they can switch between books and playing in the sand,” said Bounce.

The library, which opened more than a year ago, has a nice collection of children’s books besides fiction, biographies, encyclopedias, history, cooking, life skills and more.

The Emirati collection includes coffee table books on the history of the UAE, and the life and times of the rulers by the famous UAE photographer Nor Al Ali.

Western expats and especially tourists go for the books on the UAE.It is a great opportunity for them to know about the country they are visiting.

According to the librarian, Mr.Mariam Fowzi Al Thamimi, they don’t have to necessarily buy a book on the UAE when they are in the library

The library also has three desktop computers for browsing and 14 iPads that visitors can borrow while they are on the beach.

Kids can enjoy playing with the iPads since they don’t have access to one at home. So their beach time is also iPad time for them.

Library is open from 10am to 5pm and remains closed on weekends, when people would love to spend time relaxing on the beach.

However, some residents expressed their desire to see the library timing extended beyond 5pm. Since it’s too hot during the day, most families prefer to hit the beach after 4pm.

Abu Dhabi Municipality in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Culture has opened similar libraries in Khalifa Park and Al Bahya Park and announced that there are plans to open more libraries in the near future.

Abu Dhabi library portico- La Corniche

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