Discover Abu Dhabi on Social Media Platforms, Websites and Mobile Apps

Thinking about taking a trip to the capital of the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)? Well, why not learn all about the city before you go, through text feeds, tweets, photos and videos?

Discovering a new country and all that it has to offer is possible online via social media platforms and through mobile apps that can make your visit there simpler.

Social media are highly popular in the UAE and their use through mobile apps has skyrocketed in the past few years. The latest UAE Internet Social Media & Mobile Stats attest that and proves that apps and social media are permeating more and more every aspect of the life in the UAE. And many are the apps now available to help navigate the country.

Already back in 2013, the ‘Discover Abu Dhabi’ app that gave Facebook followers expanded, blog-style content, in English and Arabic, and an Instagram channel to its online destination resource while allowing the emirate’s visitors and residents to share their best Abu Dhabi photos using the hashtag #snapabudhabi.

In recent times, the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) introduced a ‘one-stop’ reference, a website and mobile app called ‘Abu Dhabi Culture,’ for all information relating to the emirate. The Abu Dhabi Culture digital experience launched on February 27, 2018 and provides tourists and locals with an easy way to access information on the capital and access to The Abu Dhabi Culture app is available in three languages: Arabic, English and French.

Here are the free accessible apps by the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority:

These apps are at the top of their all-time high user numbers and offer access to all there is to know about the emirate in a searchable and portable way both online and offline.

Don’t forget also to check our web and social channels on DubaiBlog Network, a reliable source as well to discover more about Abu Dhabi. The following sites are available on Abu Dhabi.

Posts are available in Italian, English and Arabic on fascinating insight into Abu Dhabi’s news, business development tips, events, and other activities that provide essential info for thousands of followers.

Discover Abu Dhabi on Social Media Platforms, Websites and Mobile Apps

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