Do not miss visiting Al Ain Zoo

Hi! If you are visiting Abu Dhabi with your family do not miss the opportunity to visit Al Ain Zoo. Al Ain zoo is just one and a half hour drive from Abu Dhabi.

You and your kids will definitely get a nice entertainment and learning experiences in a natural outdoor environment.

You will discover the zoo’s wildlife and enjoy a great day out full of fun and adventure, and explore a large  collection of 197 animal species that includes 2260 mammals, 865 birds and 520 reptiles.

This large and diverse collection makes Al Ain Zoo one of the largest in the world.

You will have a unique opportunity to interact with magnificent giraffes at the Giraffe Feeding Platform. These giraffes are among the most popular residents at Al Ain Zoo for their charisma and obvious curiosity with their visitors.

Make your way up the ramp to the feeding area for an up-close view of the giraffes and offer a crunchy carrot or lettuce leaf snack to your new long tongued and long-necked friends.

The Giraffe Feeding is located next to the Reptile House and takes place throughout the day. Tickets are available at the designated kiosk within the feeding area.

The new Mixed Asian Exhibit is now open! With three new gazelle species making their debut including the Chital, Nilgai, and the Blackbuck, the Mixed Asian Exhibit is one where visitors can enjoy viewing a mixed combination of Asian animals’ roaming around in open space.

The new Mixed Asian Exhibit is conveniently located between the all-new children’s zoo and the new play area.
The late Sheikh Zayed established this unique zoo in the Middle East with the vision of creating natural habitats for animals to live freely.

Since its founding, Al Ain Zoo has been a centre for endangered species conservation, most notably the successful breeding of desert antelopes and gazelles, such as the endangered Arabian oryx.

The Arabian oryx was hunted to extinction in the wild in the 1970s and was only saved from total extinction by zoos and private collections, including Al Ain Zoo. Many Arabian oryx have now been released back to their native habitat.

Al Ain Zoo is currently taking care of more than 170 Arabian oryx and has donated more than 100 to reintroduction projects in the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Al Ain Zoo is a proud member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria (WAZA), and has set up a number of strategic partnerships with leading zoos conservation agencies and associations from across the world.

Al Ain Zoo is building a reputation for excellence and leadership in the international conservation community through education, research and conservation programmes.

Wild life species in Al Ain zoo

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