Drones are a Thriving Business in the UAE; Latest Events and Opportunities

The drone industry market is booming with Unmanned Aerial, or Air, Vehicle (UAV) in UAE representing a successful business.

Drones have hit new heights also through Consumer Electronics Shows (CESs). CES 2018, held in January, provides the world’s biggest gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies; also in this edition drones will be presented as a large potential business in the UAE, becoming a trend across the region.

CES provide this statement: “Whether flight is controlled by onboard computers or remotely from the ground, drones can provide aerial coverage for sports, travel and real estate; enhance search and rescue, law enforcement and disaster relief; and so much more.”

Also, not to be missed is the International Drone Expo (IDE) event, organized by the UAVSA on 09 Mar 2018 – 10 Mar 2018 that will also showcase a wide range of products and services from leading international exhibitors related to the Drone sector.

This year’s expos will reveal new features to be incorporated into drones: to film, take photos or images, collect and record data, with improved image processing, video resolution and transmission speed providing communication and aerial and underwater photography/video content for viewing.

“Drones have taken off as a unique tool for everyday life, revolutionized the way we capture, monitor and assist our world,” tells CES. They have also become powerful business tools.

Drones Marketplace at CES 2018 will feature the latest and greatest developments in drone technology in flight or underwater for amphibious missions. There will be demonstrations on the show floor available for all to experience racing drones, consumer drones, and deep learning (AI) research drones; those interested will be able to find trade partners and distributors to help them succeed in new international markets.

CES, in fact, features all aspects of the industry including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of drones as well as provides a trading floor for international exhibitors where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace (Product Categories and Marketplaces: ROBOTICS & MACHINE INTELLIGENCE).

For those that cannot make it to CES 2018, the new drones will also be unveiled at GITEX Technology Week, a must-attend event located in Dubai, UAE. GITEX 2018 on 14-18 Oct 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre will feature leading drone manufactures.

And here are more opportunities:

Krypto Labs, the incubator based in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City with USD100 million in funding, will support early-stage start-ups take the idea of their drone to the market, as it looks for an acquisition of another convinced drone company to win over public’s interest with practical uses in mind. Technology considered will include improved drone hovering, navigation and imaging, monitoring and motion sensing from cameras, recorders or sensors that can completely transform operations with use of GPS to track fixed coordinates: guiding, localizing and tracking the UAV moves.

Contest rules: Participants will present a drone of any kind with mention of applications, designs, and components. Moreover, they must demonstrate how the UAV works and simulate how the drone can make a positive impact in society. For example, one can design a drone that uses its propellers to fly in the sky (i.e., mentioning operations and modes for flight) or move underwater (i.e., subaquatic motion) that could be used for amphibious missions.

Al Hashemi, managing director of Krypto Labs, said the company is supporting emerging companies by offering financial and logistic support, as well as the need to promote innovation.  They’re looking forward to working with the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in the drone industry. The Drone Innovation Startup Contest #DISC2018 is an ideal opportunity to be recognized for a commercial drone business. Applications open on January 28, 2018. Why not take part in the Global Drone Innovation Start-up Contest? This is a chance to ‘Get Your Drone Service Business off the Ground’ in the growing market.

Want to own a drone? Well, the recreational use of a drone requires a legal registration. Hobbyists that want to purchase them or companies wanting to sell them in the country are obligated to legally register their drones. Do come familiar with the drone laws in UAE, as there are regulations that will only allow sales to licensed individuals and organizations, says the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). Speakers at the last Annual Drone Middle East Conference and UAS Summit at the Dubai Airshow presented the rules, registration guidelines, as well as training. Unable to fly or pilot a drone? Well there’s a new Drones Education Programme to learn from Gems Dubai American Academy and Jumeirah College, which will “teach students about flight theory and safety and regulations of drones,” reports Sarwat Nasir/Khaleej Times. Michael Rudolph, from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, expressed: “No one will be able to take a drone home from the store unless they show that they have acquired a license from the authority.”

Drones are a Thriving Business in the UAE; Latest Events and Opportunities

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