Education in Abu Dhabi – ADEC’s upgrade plans

Education in Abu Dhabi - ADEC’s upgrade plansAs the Government of Abu Dhabi aspires to transform the Emirate into an innovation-based, knowledge producing society, ADEC is working to improve this area of education. The quality of the Emirate’s education system is central to policy agenda to increase the educational attainment rates.

Abu Dhabi takes education very seriously with its most ambitious educational upgrade plans as part of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 “to produce world-class learners who embody a strong sense of culture and heritage and are prepared to meet global challenges.” To do just that, “the government, in alliance with its national telecom company, has facilitated wired and wireless, high speed internet connectivity linking over 268 public schools in Abu Dhabi, at a cost of US$ 90 million.”

With education on top agenda, the government, along with ADEC, has pledged to transform the region into a knowledge-based society with an education master plan introducing new ideas and technologies to meet the needs of the learner community. In fact, the website at explains that Abu Dhabi is a “region where technological investment matches educational interest.”

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) believes that the provision of a world-class learning environment is key to developing education. In keeping the best interest of students and the future of education in the Emirate in mind, Abu Dhabi emirate’s education sector regulator ADEC has prioritized the provision of online and smart services for residents. What’s more, it has begun to serve students’ technological development needs. Lately, the UAE allocated 24 per cent of its federal budget to education in order to push technology-based learning at school.

ADEC’s role to both inspire and support education development has received media attention lately, when it upgraded its technological infrastructure to match global best practices by offering learners access to computers and interactive devices, such a printers and tablets, to maximize student potential with the use of technological and online resources.

Yousuf Al Reyami, head of project management at the ADEC, says ADEC’s Strategic Plan is to support a student-centered learning environment. He says, “All 256 public schools in Abu Dhabi are connected via a unified network that allows for information exchange and online learning.”

In addition, ADEC provides advanced electronic services through the electronic Student Information System (eSIS) that is used by public and private schools for a range of purposes, including records of pupil attendance, grades, registration and fee notifications, as Samihah Zaman, Staff Reporter of Gulf News, reported in a post about Emirati students’ technological enrichments at public schools.

Education in Abu Dhabi - ADEC’s upgrade plans

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