Etihad Airways: Flying High

Etihad Airways achieved its financial targets, year-after-year, thanks to business plans that supported economic development and diversification in Abu Dhabi. The airline is currently developing partnerships with Boeing Co. and Airbus SAS on potential orders in coming decades.

Etihad’s corporate strategy, in fact, is to diversify its business activities further into airline partnerships; this has added more revenue by entering international markets and generating passenger flow to and from UAE that has delivered strong business progression over the years. Its largest ever fleet order was in 2013 to enable an accelerated growth strategy. Etihad is now flying to more foreign destinations and having more international seats than other airlines, even surpassing Emirates.

Etihad Airways is also working on ensuring the best experience for its passenger to ensure their loyalty. Not only it has the latest-generation airplanes, but also “hire younger flight attendants and offer onboard perks, like bars and showers, that other carriers find frivolous,” tells Jad Mouawad for The New York Times.

For more than a decade, Etihad Airways has reinvented the flying experience for the better and has raised the bar for its in-flight experience; there is something to look forward to in all cabins with a special emphasis on cabin comfort, food, in-flight service, customer service, and value.

Etihad Airway’s growth shows no sign of slowing and is confident to  be on the right path to better serve passengers ‘aviation needs. New orders from Boeing and Airbus products lineup will help the airline boost its promotion efforts for international tourism air travel to the emirates. This expansion will potentially have great repercussions in the tourism industry in general.

James Hogan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Airways, said: “These aircraft orders provide the next step in our long-term growth strategy […] We now have seven equity alliance partners reaching across the world and a business strategy that has seen us create the world’s leading airline. We have achieved all of this while reaching sustainable profitability.” He adds, “We are helping to establish Abu Dhabi as one of the world’s great aviation hubs, offering connections to cities on every continent.  [The order of more Airbus and Boeing aircraft] will provide us with the capacity to continue with those ambitious aspirations.”

Etihad Airways: Flying High

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