Healthcare Jobs in Abu Dhabi – Registered Nurse

Thinking of becoming a nurse? Clinical nursing in the UAE are seeking ‘FEMALE’ qualified candidates. Skilled nursing laborers are now being hired.

Job Announcement: nursing job vacancies

Company Industry: Medical/Hospital

Requirements: Be a registered nurse (RN) and have at least two years of clinical experience.

Specifications: Must hold a valid license from HAAD or DHA. Extra certifications are desirable (i.e. ACLS, PALS, BLS, etc.).

Minimum Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree; however, postgraduate experience in an appropriate and relevant health care setting is advantageous. (Note: It is important to know that becoming a registered nurse takes anywhere from two to four years of schooling, if not more.)

Experience: Health care industry experience is preferred.

Proficiency: Have competence in using medical equipment and applying nursing informatics. Moreover, have the skills and abilities required of employees in the position.

Prerequisites: Able to demonstrated expertise in the clinical specialty.

Responsibilities: They will monitor, record and report symptoms and changes in patients’ conditions to the doctor.

Duties: To include carrying out a variety of tasks that RNs are assigned. To take on roles similar to that of a doctor, which entails overseeing patient care needs. They will assess patients on a continuous basis.

Obligations: Be prepared to work on-duty shifts according to the healthcare practice business needs.

Pay: Competitive Salary; earning potential is sufficient. Nurses have opportunities for advancement.

Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Registered Nurse Jobs in Abu Dhabi, UAE, are abundant. Job placement is available for the different types of nurses; positions are advertised at online job boards and on healthcare facilities websites.

Why choose a job as a nurse? Usually, these positions offer job security. It can also be an emotionally rewarding experience. Whether it may be to work at a hospital, nursing home or a home care setting, working as a nurse, you literally can save someone’s life!

It offers opportunities to help patients but also to interact with doctors and other health/medical professionals in the line of work. Many nurses agree that it is a rewarding profession for the chance to help others.

Furthermore, in the medical field, nursing is in high-demand and, for the most part, well paid, at least in the UAE.

In Abu Dhabi there are healthcare facilities recruiting students now for jobs or internships. The latter is a great occasion to study and learn on-the-job working amongst health professionals that provide hands-on training to gain real-life experience in hospitals and medical facilities.

Nursing Educational Opportunities are available within the UAE; here are a few schools with

Nursing Degree Programs: Bachelor of Science

Offered in:

  • Fujairah Women’s College
  • Khalifa City Women’s College
  • Sharjah Women’s College

The NYU College of Nursing, also, offers opportunities for expat students to study in a foreign country through portal campuses in Abu Dhabi. This is another option ideal to help learners complete the RN program so they can take their careers at the next level. Candidates need to apply for a Student Abroad Program., then, obtain a student visa.

Nursing students pursuing a career in Abu Dhabi can attend job interviews for employment. Just ensure your application and CV meet the hiring criteria and are submitted online before the closing date.

Healthcare Jobs in Abu Dhabi - Registered Nurse (Female)

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