How to Start a Travel Service in Abu Dhabi

Are you open to the idea of having your own travel service to promote tourism in a given destination? If so, then a travel services franchise could be your ticket to success. Knowing the travel industry is a strong economic sector, there might be opportunities for the right entrepreneur with travel insider knowledge to build a profitable business helping clientele who come to discover the capital city of the United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, the largest of the UAE’s seven emirates.

The travel agency market is competitive, so to separate yourself from the competition, you’ll have to invest in an aggressive marketing campaign to promote new products that will attract a global audience and build a base of loyal customers. In addition to providing the usual services of  travel-marketing agencies that research travel, offer advice on destinations, and plan trip itineraries, you might want to find your niche and prepare packages specific for theme-travelers, for example adventurous groups looking for action in scenarios that cannot be found anywhere else or couples looking for a romantic retreat.

Although security concerns, the economic crisis and other factors (like, for example, the depreciation of the rouble that might have reduced the number of Russians visiting the country) have somewhat slowed the growth of a sector that has been really booming in previous years, there are still plenty of tourists looking forward to visiting this emirate so rich with culture and natural beauty. According to the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, the travel and tourism industry still generates high revenues and for that reason, the region has attracted aspiring travel services business owners from around the world.

“Travel consultants” with destination knowledge and solid sales experience may want to setup their own home-based travel agency. However, before running their own business, they need to comply with all applicable UAE laws concerning a home-based business and travel booking. Another option is to provide services on behalf of suppliers from foreign travel companies.

Whatever type of business you want to setup make sure to request an appropriate tourism license from the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA) and research what other legal requirements you need to satisfy for your specific activity (sole proprietor, branch of a foreign business…)

The tourism industry has undergone rapid growth with the Abu Dhabi, UAE region and there is currently no space for improvisation if you wish to establish a successful business. So prepare, carefully, your travel tour agency business plan that includes regulations compliance, marketing, new services ideas and excellent customer service options. Start spreading the word about your travel agency business.

How to Start a Travel Service in Abu Dhabi

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