Inflight Dubai Holds Clash of Champions Competition

Inflight Dubai’s Indoor Competition Clash of Champions will bring teams and competitors once again to Dubai to win serious cash–$200,000 in prize money. The format of Clash of Champions (‪#‎ClashOfChampions) expects to attract many competitors to battle it out for the title of Champion in various Disciplines!

Inflight Dubai created the Clash of Champions competition to have people come and challenge the local talents in free flying. People will have exclusive use of the Inflight Dubai facility to train and enhance their body airlift abilities.

Inflight Dubai’s facility is situated at E 66 Skydive Dubai Desert Campus, United Arab Emirates and offers a skydiving simulator to experience the sensation of flight without planes or parachutes. By utilizing a vertical wind tunnel that recirculates air and draws it upwards through the flight chamber, it allows the human body to ‘float’ in midair a few feet above the ground in a controlled manner. You are simply floating on a column of air in a wall-to-wall flight chamber that is stable and safe.

People can get airborne and achieve a horizontal flying position, or use the recreational wind tunnel to do tricks and flips. Some flyers like to perform the basic moves of going up and down, forwards, backwards, sideways and turning maneuvers during their flight to enjoy the experience even more.

The indoor skydiving location features a 16.5 ft (5.03 m) across and 68 ft (20.73 m) in height tunnel and produces a restricted wind speed of 175mph (282kmph) created by fans powered by four electric motors. The wind tunnel offers the safest and most exhilarating thrills of indoor skydiving.

An instructor is available during a first flight experience that can help flyers learn to control their bodies within the airflow. Once the participants are able to safely fly their body, their next flight will be less guided by a tunnel coach.

Each participant will be issued the proper gear: a jumpsuit, goggles, a helmet, eye protection, and earplugs (for the noise). Once suited up, flyers who have purchased flying time can experience the fun of a skydive.

Inflight Dubai is sure to blow you away! Make a flight reservation in advance: Mon – Sun: 9am to 9pm. Sessions can turn you from beginner to pro flyer in no time. Check their website ( for pricing.

Get Ready to Fly with Inflight Dubai. The indoor facility offers people the chance to learn to Skydive in Dubai. Those who want to try it out can take to the tunnel for their own flight experience, says DubaiBlog owner and founder Nico de Corato, who tried it out and loved the inflight experience of skydiving (without deploying a parachute) by wind tunnel flying. Nico says it brings an unforgettable, thrilling indoor skydiving experience all without a parachute or an aircraft.

Inflight Dubai Holds Clash of Champions Competition

Inflight Dubai Holds Clash of Champions Competition

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