National Ambulance: Emergency Awareness and Preparedness, Jobs and Courses

A medical emergency can happen anytime at any place and Abu Dhabi is improving its preparedness.

One of the pillars of emergency response in the country is National Ambulance, established in 2014, that provides a dedicated pre-hospital emergency response to patients and builds local capacity in responding to major incidents. The company serves government and private clientele and is committed to providing the highest quality of care while joining also in nationwide campaigns to improve emergency response in the emirate.

One of these initiatives is the National Ambulance’s ‘Give Way to Save Lives’ campaign in the Northern Emirates, a campaign by the Ministry of Interior’s to raise public awareness about the dangers of not giving way and keeping the road clear for emergency vehicles. National Ambulance Deputy CEO, Ahmed Saleh Al Hajeri Deputy CEO, said: The campaign is a coordinated initiative by all emergency services in the area handling public medical emergency response and providing high levels of pre-hospital care to citizens and residents across the Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Fujairah.

Another important part of National Ambulance services regards the presence at important public and private events. Local EMTs/Paramedic, for example, were provided back in May, during Ramadan, to ensure worshippers’ safety across the Northern Emirates, as part of an integrated pre-emergency plan to increase resources and deploy crews and ambulances in the surrounding areas of the major mosques. In that occasion, they worked closely with strategic partners across the emergency sector to ensure public safety and efficient response in case of any emergency during this holy time.

National Ambulance also actively contributed to the success of the medical emergency provision at the following events:

  • For the fifth consecutive year, coverage at the 2018 Etihad Formula 1 Grand Prix event held at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi where it deployed a group of specialized rescue extrication trained staff to provide emergency intervention in the case of a crash, along with a team of doctors, paramedics to ensure drivers’ safety.
  • Daman World Triathlon Abu Dhabi 2019 – Deployed a team of 36 qualified staff (Doctors, Paramedics and EMTs) and six ambulances to ensure the safety of the athletes, spectators and participants.

In addition, anyone is able to receive medical assistance by calling 998 or using the NA998 App (available for IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry) in the event they need an emergency ambulance. All requests will go immediately to National Ambulance’s Communications Centre where trained staff are able to respond and dispatch an ambulance directly to the scene through GPS tracking.

Do you want to become an EMT? If so, it’s time you learned how to become one. National Ambulance offers an innovative Emirati Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program running until only through the months of March and April, but intends to do it again next year; the one-year training curriculum is offered in partnership with the University of Sharjah (UOS) which provides a professional qualification in pre-hospital care and a guaranteed offer of a job at National Ambulance to those successfully completing the course.

Ahmed Saleh Al Hajeri, CEO of National Ambulance said: “Our Emirati EMT programme has proved to be a huge success in attracting local talent and providing them career opportunities in the vital health sector.”

The video (which can be seen here) supports National Ambulance’s efforts in reaching out to the community and encouraging young Emiratis to apply for the one-year training programme to get the opportunity to work in the vital emergency ambulance sector and become an asset to the country.

Interested candidates should visit to apply and find more information about the programme.

National Ambulance is also providing opportunities to UAE Nationals to join its workforce to be on a team that provides timely and safe response, which can greatly improve patient outcomes.

To enquire about opportunities, you can contact them to the

National Ambulance

Level 13

Al Dar Head Quarters Building, Al Raha beach

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tel.:   +971 2 596 8600

Fax:   +971 2 4412266


The company is also offerings courses including standard First Aid, CPR and AED training, with instruction by an in-house team of experts. As a recognized continued medical education (CME) provider by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), in fact, National Ambulance can provide an organization with employee awareness training for emergency situations. For details, contact them at

For companies, National Ambulance provides also stand-alone emergency health consultancy services or a solution for

  • Emergency response assessment to identify what areas need improvement
  • On-site risk assessment to identify potential emergency scenarios
  • Emergency preparedness and incident response exercises
  • Medical emergency awareness training

National Ambulance: Emergency Awareness and Preparedness, Jobs and Courses

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