Road Safety UAE: Worst Driving Habits

Police have stepped up traffic control on roads to catch and fine ‘aggressive driving’ violators, said Col Ahmed Al Zuwaidi, the director of main roads at Abu Dhabi Police’s traffic and patrols directorate. Drivers caught showing improper driving safety etiquette could face hefty fines.

More motorists have been caught speeding by radars, not wearing a seat belt, avoiding roadway signs, signals and markings or simply engaging in reckless driving (even under the influence of alcohol). Greater are also the number of cases of drivers using their mobile phones while driving and having accidents due to poor concentration (we all remember the Pokemon frenzy a few months ago!). However, one of the worst driving habits nowadays is now tailgating, running up the back of another vehicle; the 5,150 fines issued on Abu Dhabi roads between January and April are definitely a proof.

Laws against tailgating have been passed and are being enforced by the police. Imprudent drivers can expect fines of Dh400 for tail-gating and also four black points on the driver’s license. In some cases, they could risk the confiscation of cars until they endure safer driving habits.

The tightening of traffic control is starting to show results: the number of road deaths in Abu Dhabi has fell over the past years, said Brig Hussain Al Harthi, director general of central operations at Abu Dhabi Police. He mentioned how failure to observe safe distance between cars, however, still continues to be a problem.

Tailgating means that a driver follows behind another car too close to the rear bumper and is now one of the main causes of traffic accidents. In most circumstances a proper gap is 2 seconds long or one yard for every mph depending obviously on the reaction time that a driver has as well as car, weather and road conditions.

Police highway patrol cars will be on the lookout for tailgaters not obeying the ‘safety margin.’ More, however, still needs to be done in the form of safety awareness initiatives targeting especially young drivers. It is important that the newest generations are exposed as soon as possible to a better understanding of the UAE’s road safety rules and problems. A proper educational campaign will be eventually contributing to successful road safety outcomes, as noted Until that time, it is in your best interest to be familiar with the driving laws and obey the rules when driving in the country. It protects your safety and your…wallet. HAPPY MOTORING!

Road Safety UAE: Worst Driving Habits

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