Smart Grid Security Activity in the UAE

One of today’s cybersecurity challenges deal with protecting electric availability to ensure the powering of so many of our daily functions and processes; that’s why cybersecurity needs to be a priority in protecting the UAE Power Grid from attacks with a strategy that enables a business to operate securely and successfully.

With the rise of smart cities in the Emirates, the use of smart grid technologies, as well as for the rolling out of more Internet of Things (IoT), the UAE energy and utility sector is challenged with the improvement of the efficiency and reliability of electric in order to deliver better, more ecologically aware public services to its citizens and counteract the many cyber security risks to energy and power utilities.

Worldwide, “power smart grids” and the “Internet of Things” are the potential targets of cyber-attacks that could be orchestrated by foreign powers and affect nations at any level: from the availability of utilities, to denied access to a networked computing environment. An attack could potentially cause physical objects that are part of the ‘global information grid’ to be hijacked; nation-wide blackouts could be caused; cyber-criminals could take advantage and compromise this technology in many ways and cause disruptions to citizens and countries alike. Identifying and defeating cyber threats by securing the grid’s flow of data while improving energy delivery is then a priority.

A lot of cybersecurity efforts have focused on securing the grid and the plants and substations managed by utility companies as those locations are where the worst-case scenarios could happen. “Utility companies and other businesses [are] thinking more about security problems [that] they may not previously have considered when components of the electrical grid were not hooked up to computer networks,” explains Annabelle Lee from NIST’s cybersecurity group.

Awareness is also very important to ensure everyone is involved in the protection of the systems. To keep current and informed on specific risks while fostering a deeper understanding of the issues, be sure to attend the Cyber Security in Energy & Utilities, 11-13 September 2017, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Venue: The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort and Spa.

As mentioned on the official website (, “The 6th edition of the highly-successful cyber security conference for energy and utilities, will gather heads of industry to create a platform to discuss new threats and identify the best available strategies and solutions to tackle these problems and remain resilient.” Getting their message across is Eng. Suhail Sukkary, an ICT & Cyber Security Specialist from Abu Dhabi Educational Council, UAE, who will be one of the guest speakers to appear on Conference Day Two on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 at 14:00 PM to talk about how to “prepare human capital to be preemptive shields against external cyber threats.”

The biggest cyber security event of 2017 is awaiting you in Abu Dhabi. Who should come to the event? Any individuals or businesses seeking solutions, information and systems for improving their strategies on Smart Grids and ICTs; basically anyone who is transforming the cybersecurity landscape by providing a complete range of state-of-the-art services and solutions and is looking to know more in terms of protection.

Smart Grid Security Activity in the UAE
Smart Grid Security Activity in the UAE

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