TAMM – Find a Job: Abu Dhabi’s New Hiring and Recruitment Portal

As the Abu Dhabi Government looks to digitize the recruitment process for employers and potential candidates, a new and free online job portal has been launched in April 2019. The Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority, HRA, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions and Services Authority, ADSSSA, has initiated TAMM’s ‘Find a Job’ journey, “a next-generation digital recruitment and talent development platform that aims to facilitate the job market in the emirate and increase competitiveness in all sectors,” as the Emirates News Agency, WAM, reported.

The job search process (from an interview to a, hopefully lucrative, offer) just got easier using the portal, said Kawthat Madhi, the project manager of ‘Find a Job.’ She states that “the online portal reduces the steps that job seekers have to go through when applying for a job, and so what we are trying to do is to digitally remove all the unnecessary steps and hassles.”

No longer does one need to worry about falling victim to job scams or fake recruitment agencies, as the ‘Find a Job’ is the latest online solution that can be trusted.

Looking for a Job?

Search for jobs, locations or roles via the “Jobs Abu Dhabi” digital recruitment portal, which operates under the TAMM platform, and a simple to use portal operated by Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA). All job seekers, whether they live in the UAE or abroad, can register and apply to an unlimited number of jobs for free.

Jobseekers can create a profile and set it as private, if they wish, so that employers will not be able to view their info until they are ready to apply for a position. They can also set up alerts that will allow them to receive notifications anytime a matching jobs is posted.

From Unemployed to Employed, this is a website to try! Start positioning yourself in the UAE Job Market.

The portal offers services for job seekers including:

  • Creating a personal file.
  • Uploading CVs.
  • Applying for jobs.

Are you an Employer?

The platform is “open for both public, semi public and private sector employers searching for new recruits” and offers those hiring a site to post unlimited number of vacancies for free. A vacancy announcement can stay published on TAMM up to 60 days.

Through notifications, employers can also receive an alert each time a job seeker applies to a job posting.

This website offers employers services that include:

  • Creating a file for the entity.
  • Advertising job openings.
  • Searching for candidates among a massive CV database.

Start hiring using TAMM as an employer.

The journey towards fulfilment of the Abu Dhabi 2030 economic vision in bringing more Nationals into the job market – a process that is crucial to the future economic security of the Emirate – passes also through this initiative: TAMM, the Government “one stop shop” service, really provides a better link between employers and employees. Today the portal is often the first stop in the employment process. Whether you’re an employer or employee, opt to create a login at https://jobs.tamm.abudhabi/en/login/.

TAMM – Find a Job: Abu Dhabi’s New Hiring and Recruitment Portal

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