The UAE Government Raises Cyber Security Awareness

UAE Government has taken big steps in establishing the effectiveness and resilience of their cyber security framework, as cybercrime-related threats are growing in intensity and scale across the region. This trend was noted in the recent Global Economic Crime Survey. As a result, the cyber security of the country has been raised with awareness campaigns to educate the public about new vulnerabilities, attacks and incidents from hacktivists, organized criminals, and industrial spies who are threatening the information and technology landscape. The UAE government has been implementing initiatives to boost responsiveness of computer and mobile users that may be putting themselves at risk making it easy for cybercriminals to take advantage of them.

As the demand for solutions to online threats increases, protecting the country and its people from attacks has called for cyber leadership education and stringent laws to tackle cybercrimes. The UAE government is determined to find solutions to locate offenders and bring them to justice for prosecution; yet, the “shortage of security professionals [is] hindering UAE’s cyber crime fight,” says The National.

The UAE Government has invested heavily in its cyber security efforts and to educate Emiratis about the dangers lurking on the web and the challenges they may face each day; it has encouraged them to become more diligent, mindful, attentive and concerned about their online security and privacy.

However, online phishing attacks and cyber hacking continues to be a growing problem in the emirates, as is identity theft when an intruder attempts to impersonate or steal another person’s personal. For example, there have been several reported cases of money having been stolen due to a credit card heist from banks in the UAE.

It is necessary to take security measures to protect accounts and decrease risks of sensitive data falling in the wrong hands, says Col Mohammed Al Razouki, deputy director of Dubai Police’s Criminal Investigation Department of Police Affairs.

The cybercrime department at Dubai Police Criminal Investigation Department had over 1,500 reports in 2014; this is almost double that of the previous year, as mentioned by The National in a recent post. The UAE is now amongst those most attacked in the Middle East.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi police departments agree that, creating a cyber-security awareness campaign within the UAE has pushed Emirati to be more responsible in using innovative technology to secure their data and other assets. Efforts to bolster information security, as seen from drafted standards and frameworks for organizations, has set UAE apart from other countries that still are susceptible to today’s cyber threats and attacks. The government, along with its law enforcement agencies, continues to keep watch over everyone involved.

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