Three Abu Dhabi Parks Earn Green Flag Status

UAE was recently awarded the Green Flag status, a symbol of excellence in environmental performance, by the Eco-schools program for working hard in Education for Sustainable Development in three parks in Abu Dhabi.

The parks in Abu Dhabi that have received an international award for their adherence to environmental standards include Khalifa Park, Dalma Park and Al Rahba Park. The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has hoisted the Green Flag in each park to display the achievements that met the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision and interest in sustainability for the following interrelated categories…

  • cleanliness and maintenance
  • sustainability
  • heritage and environmental conservation
  • community engagement
  • safety

Each of the three parks have successfully met each benchmark for the award, under the overall objective of Abu Dhabi Government to enhance sustainable development projects to uphold a clean, safe, secure and healthy spot for locals and visitors to enjoy any time of the year.

The ADM is also planning to use the Green Flag Status as a benchmark for other parks in Abu Dhabi to become best eco-friendly places, reported Gulf News. So far, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality has upgraded a series of parks, gardens and green spaces in accordance with a set of standards to bring them in line with the highest local and international standards. The authority aims to expand green areas to provide more improvements in health and safety practices and energy efficiency, affirms the National.

Such an initiative follows the hoisting of Blue Flag on the cleanest, safest and best beaches in the region: on all parts of the Corniche Beach, Al Bateen Beach and the Ladies Beach at Al Bateen Beach, reports the Khaleej Times, a well-known English language newspaper circulated throughout the Gulf. These beaches located in Abu Dhabi were eco-labelled for their cleanliness, safety and high quality amenities.

The awarding of the flags goes to show the dedication of Abu Dhabi in promoting excellent beaches and parks and in improving the overall visitor experience of incoming tourists. The eco-flags must be displayed to indicate the facilities that fully comply with the highest quality of standards and meeting the requirements for environmental management, safety and services. As a result, it has seen a stream of visitors who desire the experience in an earth-friendly consciousness place.

Thanks to UAE’s existing green initiatives in developing sustainable lifestyles carried out by ADM and designed by the FEE, Abu Dhabi has been able to prioritize and tackle key environmental issues. One can expect other parks will work towards attaining Green Flag status with FEE and coastal sites consent for future beach development that will adhere to the Blue Flag criteria.

Three Abu Dhabi Parks Earn Green Flag Status

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