UAE Employs Eco-Buses in Abu Dhabi

UAE’s capital public transportation is now taking huge steps in sustainability and energy conservation by making buses run entirely on electricity.

Recently, in fact, Abu Dhabi invested in zero-emission fleets of battery-powered e-buses with the aim to replace gas-powered vehicles.

This development will lead to have the first all-electric bus service in the region, as Gulf News noted. “Launched on December 14 by Masdar — the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, in partnership with the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi (DoT) — the vehicle will serve a six-stop route between Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and Masdar City, Abu Dhabi’s flagship sustainable urban community.”

The project was developed by Masdar, Hafilat Industry LLC of Abu Dhabi and Siemens Middle East. The bus is able to accommodate 30 seated passengers and has a range of 150-km per battery charge.

Electric buses (Eco-Buses) can have a positive impact, as there are several benefits associated with the shift from conventional diesel buses to electric buses. The new vehicle is intended to reduce local air pollution caused by the traffic congestion, traditional engine noise in the city, and fuel consumption. A great reason to go with the Eco-Bus is that it’s an ultimate energy environmentally friendly means of transit with less greenhouse gas and other emissions than busses powered solely by internal combustion engines using conventional petroleum/gasoline.

Like with Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), driving pure electric busses are expected to result in a lower carbon footprint, and become a key contributor to climate change and in protecting the future of our planet.

We can expect the Electric Bus Market in the UAE to increase and see the adoption of these vehicles on a larger scale. For now, e-bus technology is still in the trial stage but there may be an uptake of more vehicles in the fleet once the cost of batteries decreases and helps to make “going electric” more financially feasible.UAE Employs Eco-Buses in Abu Dhabi

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