UAE is Revamping its National Security Combat Abilities and Readiness

The United Arab Emirates has lately increased its cooperation with other countries on maritime security, military preparedness and counterterrorism to defeat threats posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Al-Qaida (AQ), as part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) – told the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs U.S. Department of State.

After the 5th Annual National Security Middle East 2017 (held from 11-12 September 2017 in Abu Dhabi), a 2-day event that focused on countering terrorism with specialized and strategic operations, it was clear how serious countries like the UAE are in revamping their national security programs.

The UAE has attracted the attention of terrorist international organizations, many of which have exploited the Emirate’s geographic location to set up various terror-funding operations. The UAE Armed Forces continues to play an important role in controlling such activities with an objective to safeguard the security of the country, its citizens and residents.

To ensure that terrorist attacks do not happen on its own soil, the UAE government intends to strengthen its own internal defenses like building their military operations with initiatives like the recent 3rd edition of Union Fortress army event in the City of Al Ain. This shows UAE military ambition and follows previous events held in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi earlier in the year.

These live-action shows that are, in realty, training exercises over the possibility of terrorist acts include the UAE military armed forces across the land, air and sea and prepare them to deal with security threats in the Gulf, if and when conflict strikes. Such events are done in order to enhance and develop combat capabilities and readiness with aim in defending the country and protecting people from foreign and internal threats all in an effort to keep regional and global peace, stability and security.

The Union Fortress 3 ( military live demonstration involved all the main army units of the UAE armed forces to perform a wide range of operations in a number of different live-action battle scenarios to defend the homeland and protect its security, as mentioned in the March 2018 Global Defence & Security Industry – Military News (

With terrorist plots happening in neighboring countries around the UAE, the country is investing in the fight against extremism and radicalization and is participating to many operations in the area through the use of some of its bases: the Al Dhafra Air Base, which is operated jointly by the UAE Air Force and Air Defense and the U.S. Air Force Central Command, as well as the  Integrated Air and Missile Defense Center at Al Bateen Air Base, tells Hussein Yusuf Kamal Ibish, a Senior Resident Scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington. He mentions all the details in his publication The UAE’s Evolving National Security Strategy (Issue Paper #4, 2017).

The United Arab Emirates is one of North America’s closest allies in the Middle East and is likely to play a bigger role in the conflict-ridden Middle East due to its economic, military, and political influence, tells Shehab al-Makahleh,- International Policy Digest.

The United States continues to work with the UAE that now seeks a $476m deal to buy missiles in countering terrorism and securing stability in the region, according to the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency. What’s more, the UAE agreed to $1.6bn deal with Lockheed Martin Corp to upgrade F-16 jet fighters and also signed a $225m deal to protect fleet of C-17 airlifters. As well, it made a $680m deal for laser guided missiles that’s in addition to the $240m deal for hundreds of Sidewinder missiles in an effort to enhance the capability of its Air Force. This is all taking place while its naval force has plans to buys US-based Raytheon Company’s rolling airframe missiles (RAMs) for the protection of ships, reports Arabian Business. RAMS are ideal for the UAE Navy to carry out maritime security operations (MSO) for counter attacks with a purpose to protect the sea lanes.

The UAE has emerged as a new regional power in the Middle East having responded to security threats in its neighborhood by making major investments in its military as they work side-by-side with allies, both internationally and regionally.

UAE is Revamping its National Security Combat Abilities and Readiness

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