UAE Talent Contest: Emirates Skills National Competition 2019

Local talent recognition is at the top of the UAE agenda. In fact, the Emirate Skills National Competition (ESNC) is the UAE’s premier event that inspires the young generation to get passionate about new trades, in technical and vocational crafts, as well as embrace technology-based career pathways while preparing for the future to fill the demand and supply of the Emirati workforce.

Such a contest helps to boost the skills of UAE Nationals and increase their presence in the job market while providing companies with a much broader pool of talents to choose from.

The ESNC is a contest not only to impress judges but also, perhaps, to get their foot in the door in a field that matches their skills. So, whether you’re looking to build a career off your skillset or want to show your abilities in a more abstract way, then ESNC 2019 is the place to be.

Annually the Competition attracts UAE Nationals, both young men and women, to compete in a category of workmanship and be evaluated by a technical committee and internationally accredited experts based on the standards and judging criteria of WorldSkills organization.

This is a time to challenge peers in the chosen category and be awarded the best of their chosen discipline in the following skilled areas:

  • CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING TECHNOLOGY – Everything from the foundation, grounds, building, finishing and maintaining of all sorts of buildings.
  • CREATIVE ARTS AND FASHION – From multi-media creative, interior decoration and fashion.
  • EMIRATES TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION COMPETITION – This aims to identify bright Emiratis minds that would excel in a variety of ICT areas.
  • INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY – From network creation and maintenance to development and finishing information technologies.
  • MANUFACTURING AND ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY – This encompasses everything from the design, creation, making and maintaining of anything involving electronics and machines.
  • SOCIAL AND PERSONAL SERVICES – Services related to the food and beverage industry as well as the hospitality and personal care.

There are two additional challenges:

  • THE JUNIOR COMPETITION – This is specifically for junior competitors (12-15 years of age) as a trial for the official National Competition
  • THE SPECIAL CHALLENGE – This is specific to competitors with special needs

Get prepared: Participants can download the materials for the training sessions related to skills competition.

ESNC is about celebrating the outstanding talents of UAE citizens in hope they tap into some of the opportunities that present themselves in hard-to-fill disciplines. In fact, the Emirate Skills National Competition focuses on raising the awareness of career-based technical and vocational education among young Emiratis by organizing competitions, events, training programs and technical career activities.

WHY COMPETE IN THE NATIONAL COMPETITION? It’s a once in a lifetime experience for young budding talents to show off their skills. This is also an occasion to compete and win awards!

Do you wish to participate and increase your visibility at one of the biggest contests? Attending these events is not only a great way to network but also to show off your skills.

Detail of the event: THE NATIONAL COMPETITION 2019

When: 15 – 17 April 2019

Venue: Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC)

Link to register:

For more info:

Tel: +971 2 613 2000

Fax: +971 2 613 2111

UAE TALENT CONTEST: Emirates Skills National Competition 2019

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