Universal Hospital introduces music therapy

Music is the new healer at Abu Dhabi’s Universal Hospital.The multi-speciality private health care facility will be counting on pianists and violinists to call the tune when it comes to the treatment of patients.

The hospital has linked to the Abu Dhabi-based National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) to introduce music therapy alongside its conventional therapeutic treatments.

According to Dr Shabeer Nellikode, founder and managing director of Universal Hospital, music and medicine together can work wonders in the process of healing, quick recovery.

It has been proved the healing effect of music and how it can improve the physiological and therapeutic responses in patients.

Therefore the hospital has decided to use the power of music for quick healing to complement the premium health care service.

Dr. Nellikode said it can improve the mood and mobility of patients especially those with Parkinson’s disease. Music also eliminates the need for sedatives and pain relievers during and after surgery, reduce nausea during chemotherapy, lessen anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure and ease depression, he added.

NSO musicians will be available at the hospital round the clock and patients will be given individual and group music sessions depending on their condition

In the initial stages of the programme, music therapy will be used on patients undergoing treatment at paediatrics, physiotherapy, neurology, and psychiatry departments.

Janet Hassouneh, founder and executive director of NSO, said: “To integrate music therapy into the treatment of patients is a long-term plan for the hospital and we are more than happy to offer our musicians for this noble cause.”

She said also that any kind of music – classical, western, Indian or instrumental – that has a calming effect is perfect for the purpose. According from her personal experience music can have a profound effect on overall wellness.


Abu Dhabi- Universal Hospital

One thought on “Universal Hospital introduces music therapy

  • March 14, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    I would like to note, that the services provided by the musicians are not classified as music therapy. As an Accredited Music Therapist myself, with an extensive training (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, 6+ years of training in total) i would like to point at this mistake in your writing. While therapeutic music is very beneficial in hospitals, it is not music therapy. I am open to any discussions on this topic.
    Aksana Kavaliova-Moussi, Accredited Music Therapist (Canada), Neurologic Music Therapist, Eastern Mediterranean Regional Liaison for the World Federation of Music Therapy.


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