Vacancies at the Al Ain Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution

Do you have an interest to work within the zoo industry? Why not be a part of a unique zoo in the Middle East that is dedicated to wildlife and nature.

Company: The Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain, a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)

Staff Employment openings: financial positions

Job Role: Financial Services

  • Senior Corporate Finance & Planning Manager (Job JB1001847431)

S/he will assist the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to develop, implement and maintain financial reports. Handles planning and budgets. Plans, controls and coordinates all financing activities.

  • Manager Corporate Finance & Planning Job Purpose (Job Ref. JB1001847430)

S/he will carry out administration and program management; managing directly and indirectly operational performance trends to meet various reporting requirements and management decisions.

Responsibilities: Depending on their selection of job, resources will carry out various departmental-wide financial functions. Oversees all financing activities and provides various cost analyses

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Finance

Familiarity: Finance and Budget Planning & Management

Years of Experience: Min: 6 Max: 8; must have prior expertise in the field and experience managing staff

Skills: Must have good working knowledge of planning and reporting tools like Hyperion (e.g., Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting)

Preferred Candidate: Those who have worked in a Financial Services profession will have a better chance of landing the job

Number of Vacancies: Only one for each position

Location: United Arab Emirates – PO Box 1204, Abu Dhabi/Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates

  • phone: +971 3 782 8188
  • fax: +971 3 7639229
  • url:

Job Announcement: Date Posted 2015-09-01


Al Ain Zoo is one of the Middle East’s largest zoos and a leader in the conservation programs and initiatives that focus on wildlife sustainability and the protection of desert species. As a leader of the regional Arabian zoo community, it has also taken significant steps towards becoming one of the most important zoos of the world. The zoo is famous for its research facilities, in particular the breeding program for endangered native animals and, lately, has embarked upon a multi-faceted development of the Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort (AWPR). It is a 900 hectare integrated biodiversity institution and resort that was established as a center of learning and a leisure destination aimed at bringing people in touch with nature. It is great for tourists.

The Arabian Zoo & Aquarium Association (AZAA) Conservation and Education programs are devoted to securing a better world for animals through human undertakings.

AZAA is always on the lookout for passionate individuals who are dedicated to the Zoo’s mission to educate and motivate people to care for the natural world through meaningful experiences.

The available positions are for resources that will use reporting systems for budgeting, tracking of debt and investment cost analysis of projects that will provide a manifesto for financial decisions.

Working at AZAA can be a rewarding career with the important role of educating and mentoring departmental staff to make financial decisions with confidence. As an industry driven by output and performance, AZAA needs to fill roles to support positions in para planning. As a paraplanner, the resource will be involved in preparing and administering a Financial Plan or Report, as needed.

Are you interested in the company and the specific job? If so, one can apply for the jobs via Jobs Abu Dhabi site:

For the company profile, refer to E-Mail:; Phone: +971 3 7992000 and Fax: +971 3 782 9112.

Vacancies at the Al Ain Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution

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