War Machine film in Abu Dhabi – Casting call

Hollywood stars Brad Pitt, Anthony Michael Hall, and Topher Grace, among other actors and cast members, will be in Abu Dhabi to shoot War Machine, a David Michôd film. Pitt is performing as a US military general, Hall is acting as the no. 2, and Topher Grace is impersonating a civilian military adviser.

Filmmaking of War Machine will take place in October and November in the Emirate capital. Movie fans might have a chance to see some of the international movie stars roam the area around the location of filming!

Casting call is this weekend, are there any locals interested? Abu Dhabi company twofour54 Film & TV Services is holding another casting session for War Machine to be held this week at twofour54 Abu Dhabi’s Rotana Building, as mentioned The National in a post this week. “[The casting team] is looking in particular for former military personnel with specialized weapons experience, as well as less-experienced players that have a “military look about them”. Sessions are taking place on Friday, October 16 and Saturday, October 17, from 2pm to 8pm. Locals have a chance to land a role in the film. Applicants are advised to bring identity documents and be prepared to be photographed and measured for costumes, if found fit for a part. A film part guarantees the chosen applicants to meet some of the stars behind the scenes.

As for the film, Brad Pitt found his part fascinating, so he agreed to assume the role to play Gen. McChrystal in ‘War Machine,’ a satirical comedy based on Michael Hastings’ book “The Operators”: The Wild And Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan, which is set to come on screenplay.

The movie takes a darkly comic look at the handling of the conflict. “The story centers on the commanding general of international and U.S. forces in Afghanistan and offers a behind-the-scenes portrait of our military commanders, their high-stakes maneuvers and the ensuing political firestorm that shook the United States when he was forced to resign.” The film is a tale of modern war decision-makers and about the rise and fall of General Stanley McChrystal.

It is a war-on-terror-themed black comedy film, which has a determined General take an end to the intractable conflict with a radical new approach. The military satire in War Machine captures the “handling of the Afghanistan war and the people who were in charge of it.”

The movie production is being funded by video-streaming company Netflix. It will be streamed in 2016 on Netflix and get a theatrical release as well. Sources tell that this is really a big-budget deal for an original, independent movie to be shot in the Middle East.

As for why scenes are shot in Abu Dhabi rather than Afghanistan, it was suggested that the emirates presents a safer environment to film scenes of the movie. The film is being shot in Abu Dhabi from October 21 to November 16.

War Machine film in Abu Dhabi – Casting call


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