Waste reduction plans are unveiled in Abu Dhabi

Waste reduction plans are unveiled in Abu Dhabi
The increase of population, consumerism and dumping has significantly contributed to Abu Dhabi growing waste problem that reached 10 million tonnes in 2014.

According to Shaikha Al Hosani, Deputy Executive Director for Environment Quality at Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency (EAD), less than 18 per cent of waste is currently recycled and less than 5 per cent composted, while 77 per cent was sent to landfill

Environmental officials have warned that Abu Dhabi has still a lot to do to manage its waste and a five-year waste reduction plan was announced recently.

The capital has struggled with overflowing landfills such as Al Dhafra that receives daily around 2,000 lorries full of trash.
In addition, increasing volumes of waste and illegal dumping are posing a growing risk to the health of citizens and the land’s biodiversity.

Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, EAD’s secretary-general, said significant gaps remain in Abu Dhabi’s waste management system and its supporting infrastructure.

Improving waste management in the emirate is one of EAD’s key priorities in order to achieve national indicators of reducing the production of municipal solid waste to 1.5kg per capita per day, and increasing the percentage of the treated municipal solid waste out of the total generated to 75 per cent in 2021,” she said.

Saif Eisa Al Qubaisi, general manager of the Centre of Waste Management at Tadweer, added: “There is no doubt that the UAE in general and Abu Dhabi in particular, are aware of the rising waste index.”

Al Qubaisi said that the need for a coherent strategy to achieve a healthy and sustainable environment has incited recycling projects aimed at waste reduction and the launch of the Abu Dhabi Waste Master Plan.

The announcements came during an introductory session for Waste Management legislation in Abu Dhabi, in which new policies for the planning, classification, collection, segregation, transfer and tracking of waste were revealed.

Guidelines in the reuse, recycling, resource recovery, treatment and disposal policy of waste were also outlined during the session by Tadweer, who highlighted its commitment to managing waste.



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