Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2018; a great opportunity

The largest sustainability gathering in the Middle East is here! Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) will take place from 13-20 January at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). The annual event focuses on the energy and sustainability challenges of the future and addresses the new phase of growth and business opportunities created by countries and industries working together to make sustainability practices a core part of business and accelerate the transition onto greener and more sustainable sectors.

The UAE’s Vision 2021 takes account of “improving the country’s environmental performance and promoting sustainable initiatives as part of the transition to a low-carbon economy.” The efforts are now picking up momentum, thanks also to expanding investments.

ADSW 2018 will provide a unique opportunity to unite global leaders, investors and innovative entrepreneurs in an effort to boost partnerships and innovation. Trade delegations will address the deployment of renewable energy and clean technologies in aim to find effective solutions in shaping the world’s sustainable development and empowering the global community to take action today toward sustainability. The ADSW platform will promote international dialogue and cooperation to strengthen strategic partnerships for individual projects that lead to sustainable cities.

At a press conference, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), the host of ADSW, said: “Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week will once again provide a global platform to harness knowledge, helping nations and communities address our shared sustainability challenges effectively, affordably and collaboratively.”

The event organizers added: “ADSW plays a vital role in growing awareness and stimulating public debate on the vital regional issues of sustainability: energy efficiency, water conservation and waste recycling.”

UAE’s makes strides to diversify its clean energy portfolio that will ensure a sustainable and green future for the region as mentioned on the ADSW website site at abudhabisustainabilityweek.com.

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, said ADSW’s theme is all about “Driving the Global Energy Transformation.” ADSW 2018 will therefore address key global trends that are impacting the shift to sustainable energy and a green economy: Climate Change, Urbanisation, and Digitisation.

ADSW 2018 also sees the return of other important co-located events from 15-18 January 2018 at ADNEC:

  • World Future Energy Summit (WFES) – is where to “gain insights into the latest industry trends and advancements across all energy sectors.”Those in attendance will realize the steps being done to accelerate the global energy transition from advancing the use of renewable energy to building up energy efficiency. For info, visit worldfutureenergysummit.com/.
  • Solar (Solar Expo) – showcases the latest innovations and solar energy solutions for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. For info, visit solarexpo.ae/.
  • Energy Efficiency (Energy Efficiency Expo) – addresses the challenges and opportunities of reduced energy consumption and increased energy-efficient solutions. For info, visit energyefficiencyexpo.com.
  • Energy Storage (Energy Storage and Batteries Expo) – presents a business-centric expo for energy storage technology and solutions. For info, visit solarexpo.ae/energy-storage-expo.
  • CLIX – Climate Innovations Exchange – gathers experts to discuss actions on sustainable climate change solutions through knowledge, innovation, and funding. For info, visit: worldfutureenergysummit.com/CLIX.
  • EcoWASTE Exhibition – brings together local and international experts for advancing sustainable waste management and recycling across MENA. For info, visit ecowaste.ae.
  • International Water Summit (IWS) – sets new opportunities for promoting water sustainability in arid regions. The Smart Water Expo aims in “building knowledge, expertise and partnerships to execute the massive investments in water infrastructure being made in the region.” For info, visit internationalwatersummit.com.

Note: The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2018 registration (adswregistration.force.com/) is now closed, so you will need to register as VISITOR; to do so, follow this link. Visiting hours are from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday to Wednesday, and will close at 4:00 PM on Thursday.

The ADSW 2018 event will enable new business and networking opportunities with visitants realizing viable and effective strategies to mitigate climate change through innovations, policies and best practices. This is in line with one of the theme of Expo 2020 Dubai  that has set ambitious targets to minimize its impact of global warming on the planet which has been less than encouraging in the past.

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2018; an opportunity for cooperation

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