UAE among the most innovative nations in the Arab world

UAE’s stands as one of the foremost countries for innovation thanks to collaboration among buyers and suppliers that has led to manufacturing improvements, product enhancements, and new services so critical in today’s connected and global economy. The Emirates continues to attract international investors thanks to its customer-oriented business environment that’s focused on smart, integrated, and technology-driven services.

From developments to transform the cities into innovative but human-friendly smart cities on to initiatives for renewable energy efficiency, the UAE has gained international respect and acknowledgement. Projects include hybrid drive systems, electric car technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution significantly, utility savings as a result of the installation of wind turbines and solar thermal systems to generate electricity which is eco-friendlier, renewable energy in homes to reduce power consumption and save residents the cost of frequent electricity.

  • Abu Dhabi is ranked 1st among Arab capitals in terms of inventions, according to data announced by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in October 2014, with 76 inventions being registered between mid-2010 and mid- 2014. The emirate also earned the title Capital of Arab Innovation, WIPO said, with special emphasis on research and development (R&D) to achieve its strategic plan goals.
  • Dubai is also an internationally recognized hub for digital innovation and sustainable economic growth. The National Innovation Strategy aims to contribute positively to the UAE’s prosperity. His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said, in fact, that the UAE plans to be among the world’s most innovative countries by 2021; the government will play a critical role in spurring innovation, actively creating new markets for foreign and local companies aspiring to expand and capitalize on economic opportunities within certain sectors, tells Gulf News. At the World Government Summit, he also launched the ‘10X initiative’ for a future-ready country that builds on local talents and strong international partnerships to enhance innovation.

For some time, the UAE has been attracting the best minds and talents; during the CIOMajlis Annual Conference—the region’s first annual event of the kind— a “Student Innovation Award” for university students was presented. The venue gave them an opportunity to present their innovative ideas and be more motivated to learn creative design. Such an event portrayed their capabilities and skills but also allowed them to come in contact with manufacturing and engineering stakeholders and possibly be employed at companies in line with the UAE’s Innovation Strategy and the government’s goal to make UAE the world’s most innovative country by 2021.

What’s in store? Find out at UAE Innovation Week which highlights future innovations in the creation of entire new fields, from information technology to biotech, nanotech, and green tech; the event returns in February, 2018. Be sure to mark the date.

As a nation looking to up their innovation ranking, a growing number of emerging projects are continuing to unfold “where the state has played a key “entrepreneurial” role, envisioning and financing various projects. As a result, UAE is breaking important ground in today’s business landscape; contact us for info on how to be part of UAE future.

UAE among the most innovative nations in the Arab world

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